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The region

Although there is plenty to see and do at the Demeure and in Carcassonne, there is also a whole region to explore. Between sea and mountain, garrigue and forests, Cathars and cassoulets, the region offers a wealth of activities and changes of scenery.

Demeure St LouisLa Région  La Région  La Région  La Région  La Région  La Région
 The Languedoc-Roussillon has a millenial history. This is where France’s first grapevines were planted by the Romans, where Dom Pérignon discovered the recipe for champagne, where the first steps of democracy were taken in France by the Count of Toulouse... It is part of history but also deeply rooted in our hearts.

The region has managed to maintain its wild and sometimes rebellious character. Its small villages clinging to a rocky outcrop, supported by their rows of vines like so many stays. Its rocky nature where each parcel of land is host to a tenacious plant life, exhaling the fragrances of thyme, rosemary, broom and lavender. Its centuries old forests, preserved from fire and the madness of men, hiding place of ceps, chanterelles, wild asparagus, deer and wild boar. The village markets where old men and women sell the produce from their garden and the treasures that they find in so many “little corners” of which only they know the whereabouts.

This region is all this and so much more, an area "where shade is a treasure..."

To share our love for this region we wanted to give you a foretaste of what you can see and do when you come and visit, with a selection of amazing places and great addresses.

The Bedrooms :   Petit Trianon | Les Chaumes | Côté Jardin | Saint Louis

The Michel Sabatier suite | La Trivalle The Apartement

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Demeure St Louis
Chambres d’Hôtes / Bed and Breakfast
2 rue Michel Sabatier – 11000 CARCASSONNE
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