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The story of the house

The house was originally the home of the owners of the Brasserie Fritz Lauer, a brewery founded in 1815. It is the only remaining part of this industrial site.

Lauer beer was very popular in Carcassonne and old adverts for it can still be seen painted on walls throughout the town. An employee from the 1930s remembers: "Our day started at 6am. The gate was locked at that moment, and work lasted until noon, and then from 2pm to 6pm, for which I was paid 7 francs and my father 8. At that time, half a litre of beer cost 16 sous, a litre of milk was 6 sous and a kilo of bread was 13… The work was hard, because there were no machines, everything was done by the sweat of the brow, like handling the coal or the barley. Delivering the beer was difficult in town as we had to load the barrels into the lorry and then take them down into the cellars of the cafés. Other jobs had other drawbacks: the clouds of dust when we stirred the grain, the heat when we were near the boiler, the cold of the cellars, which meant that those who worked there were always sick; as for those who worked in the maltings, they developed a stoop from constantly turning the grain with their spades."

After a period where parcels of the land were repeatedly bought and sold, the brewery disappeared in the 1950s.

In 2004 we fell in love with this neglected house. During two years of titanic renovations, we worked to bring back all the charm and nobility that the house had known in its heyday; renovating parquet floors, rebuilding the moulded ceilings, repairing the windows and shutters, restoring the ornamental lake in the garden...

Whilst respecting its spirit, we also wanted to incorporate into the house all the comforts afforded by modern technology (air-conditioned rooms, unlimited hot water, movement sensors, wireless broadband throughout the house and garden, television...)

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